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Toyota Folk Craft Museum
The guide of 2019 Exhibition
We open the exhibition for understanding of aesthetic value of handwork and folk craft.
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Honorary Citizen 
Shizuo Honda Collection VI
-Modern Folk Craft Centered on Seto/Tokoname-

Dates Tuesday, December 10,2019 to Sunday, March 8, 2020
Time 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays (Open on Holidays)
and Year End/New Years’ (12/28 to 1/4)
Venue Toyota City Folk Craft Museum (Daini Mingei-kan)
Admission Free
Description Shizuo Honda (1898 to 1999) was not only a contributor to the telecommunications industry as well as science and technology, but also a researcher in old ceramics. As part of his research, he well known for his discovery of the ancient kilns at the southwest base of Mt. Sanage (Sanage Kilns). This valuable collection of materials and artifacts was contributed for local cultural exhibition and Honda was named an honored citizen of Toyota City in 1977. In April 1983, he was involved in establishing part of the Japan Folk Craft Museum and opening the Toyota City Folk Craft Museum.
In his later years, Honda gifted the greater part of his collection to related museums and other facilities. This exhibition features works he kept for himself. This is the sixth time to share parts of the collection of 1785 pieces that were newly contributed by Honda’s surviving family in 2008. Honda also put effort into training potters. This time, the exhibition features works of modern potters from Seto and Tokoname in Aichi.
Simultaneous exhibition Collected Woven Works (Daiichi Mingeikan)

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Memorial Lecture: Shizuo Honda and Modern Pottery: Tradition and Creation

Date/Time Saturday, February 1, 2020, from 2pm
Lecturer Kiyoyuki Kato (Seto/Potter)
Fee Free with admission to museum
Capacity first 50 (no reservation required)

Gallery Talk (interpretation by Mingeikan staff)

Date/time Sunday, January 11, 14:00〜(About 30 minutes)
Fee Free with admission to museum
Capacity first 20 (no reservation required)
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