TOYOTASHI MINGEI-KAN(Toyota City Folk Craft Museum)
86-100 Haiwa, Hiratobashi-cho, Toyota City,Aichi

Toyota Folk Craft Museum
The guide of 2020 Exhibition
We open the exhibition for understanding of aesthetic value of handwork and folk craft.
We will sincerely wait for coming to the museum.

Folk Crafts
 -World Hand Crafts from the Mingeikan Collection-

November 7, 2020 (Sat) -February 28, 2021 (Sun)
Venue Daiichi, Daini Mingeikan
Time 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  
Closed Mondays (Open on November 23; January 11), December 28 to January 4
Admission General 300 yen, High school/university students 200 yen
Junior high students or younger, Toyota residents, Toyota high school students, 70 or older and persons with disabilities free (requires identification)
Description Yanagi Soetsu [1889-1961] founded the mingei (folk craft) movement and established The Japan Folk Crafts Museum. After the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, he moved residences from Tokyo to Kyoto. In Kyoto, he often purchased cloth woven in Tamba at the morning markets and it was there that he first encountered Tamba-ware pottery. In 1927 he visited the Tamba Tachikui kiln and was taken in by the charm of Tamba-ware. His collection of varied Tamba-ware works grew through exhibits hosted by Tamba-Sasayama’s secondhand store Shokodo and Osaka’s department stores. In particular, meeting Shokodo’s Koichi Nakanishi [1896-1969] had a major influence on Yanagi’s Tamba-ware collection. Yanagi continued to collect Tamba-ware into his later years, discovering the beauty of urns and pottery naturally glazed with ash during sintering, expanding his collection. This exhibition is an arrangement of the one hosted in 2019 at The Japan Folk Crafts Museum, showing off the collection of Yanagi’s later years after discovering Tamba-ware. Together with these pieces, Toyotashi Mingeikan’s collected Tamba-ware works will also be on display. td>

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Interpretation by Mingeikan staff

Date/time Saturday, November 21 / Saturday, January 30, 14:00pm to 15:00pm
Participation fee Free with admission to museum
Capacity first 15 people

Pottery making using clay including Tamba soil and sintering in a cellar kiln

Date/time [Pottery Dates] Either Saturday, November 14 or Sunday, November 15 13:00 to 16:00
[Firing] Sunday, November 29 10:00 to 11:00
Eligibility Elementary school students and up (children accompanied by adult), able to participate both dates
Capacity 14 people per day
Participation Fee 2,700 yen (2,300 yen for Junior High Students and younger)
Application send return post card (up to 2 people per card per event) by Monday, November 1 with address, participant name, phone number, event name, desired date (up to two preferred days) to Toyotashi Mingeikan
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